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Karen Mahoney releases a one-shot comic with ghosts– Jennifer Wilde: The Wilde Hunt

Urban fantasy author Karen Mahoney has released a new project. She scripted a one-shot comic for the Jennifer Wilde comic series. From Karen Mahoney’s website: Jennifer is actually called Jennifer Chevalier. She is a young French artist, based in Paris in the 1920s. She also has an affinity for the spirit world (including the ability to see and speak to ... Read More »

Happy Release Day! FALLING TO ASH by Karen Mahoney

FALLING TO ASH Karen Mahoney Cover Copy: You can’t choose your family… living or dead. Trapped between two very different worlds, newly made vampire Moth is struggling to find her place in either. Not only does she have to answer to her strict Irish-Catholic Dad, but her over-protective maker, Theo, is intent on making her the star attraction in his ... Read More »

“Take a Chance” ~ Comic Book Premiere

October proved to be an exciting month for the urban fantasy fans that enjoy comic books to fill in the gaps between book installments. As it turned out and spread like forest fire C.E Murphy, one of the more industrious and prolific authors on the urban fantasy scene, has joined forces with Dabel Brothers Publishing to set a new comic ... Read More »

Comic Book Week: The Aftermath

Now after the fun time I had compiling the reviews for Comic Book Week I went on to search for information on the Internet on comic books and well as it turns out a lot of people dedicate their time to this particular medium and it’s been an awesome train ride. I even got urban fantasy author CE Murphy bound ... Read More »

Comic Book Week: “Runaways”

For the last post in the Comic Book Week I have prepared a review on an ongoing series by Marvel called “The Runaways”, which have been launched since 2003, amount to 30 issues until the end of volume two and have won multiple awards. Volume three has launched since August 27th 2008. Due to the spanning story arcs in these ... Read More »

Comic Book Week: “X-Men: Phoenix Warsong”

“X-Men: Warsong” is a five issue limited series released 2006 to follow the ever successful Phoenix saga. Chronologically it follows the Endong miniseries, where the Phoenix force resurrects Jean Grey again and hunts down Cyclops led by Grey’s feelings. However this time Jean Grey is not the target, Emma Frost has to face a painful truth and more about the ... Read More »

Comic Book Week: “Fray” {Buffy in the Future}

Comic books run on ideas from a lot of mediums from computer games such as the Lara Croft series and World of Warcraft, from books like the Dresden Files is and the new trend in acquiring ideas is to use TV shows. The earliest example to really pick up is “Fray” by Dark Horse. This eight issue limited series published ... Read More »

Comic Book Week: “Hack/Slash”

To continue with the morbid presence of horror in the comic book industry I have chosen a Devil Due Publishing title for this post. “Hack/Slash” is an ongoing series, which started out with tie-ins with other titles in the publishers and one shot test drives until the fans demanded more and from May 2007 “Hack/Slash” has become a series with ... Read More »

Comic Book Week: “Marvel Zombies”

Posted by daydream in comic book, review The fascination with zombies from the early 1980s hasn’t faded at all and as the CGI movie technology progresses so do the means to make zombies scarier. Zombie movies have flooded the big screen ranging from the serious “Diary of the Dead” and “Resident Evil” to the comedies “Dance of the Dead” and ... Read More »

Comic Book Week: NYX

NYX is a limited series by Marvel handling homeless mutant teenagers and their hardships on the streets of District X, New York City; the district with highest mutant count I the Marvel X-Men universe. Although planed as an ongoing series, NYX concluded at issue number seven. The creative behind it are writer Joe Quesada, currently editor-in-chief of Marvel, and artists ... Read More »

Comic Book Week: “The Umbrella Academy”

The comic book industry has contributed to the fantasy genre in one way or another, if people are willing to look through mediums. Thanks for the spandex clad superheroes, which make the majority of the titles, the fantasy in contemporary settings has become popular and high profile TV shows and movies have appeared, not to mention the rise of the ... Read More »

Preview Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson Comic!

PRESS RELEASE: Dabel Brothers Publishing is excited to premiere the first eleven pages (DOWNLOAD HERE) of the much-anticipated Dabel Brothers project, “Mercy Thompson: Homecoming”. Artist Francis Tsai beautifully illustrates all the covers and interior pages to this series, with author Patricia Briggs herself penning the original story. Place your orders today before the first issue ships this November. Francis Tsai ... Read More »

Cover Art for C.E. Murphy’s Take a Chance comic

Dabel Brothers Publishing, in conjunction with artist Ardian Syaf (”The Dresden Files”), colorist Jason Embury (”Hero By Night”, “Shadowhawk”), letterer Melissa S. Kaercher (”Dr. Blink, Superhero Shrink”), cover artist Scott Clark (”X-Men”, “Stormwatch”), and writer C.E. Murphy (”The Walker Papers”, “The Negotiator Trilogy”) bring you “Take A Chance”, a superhero comic series about Frankie Kemp, aka “Chance”, a woman who ... Read More »

Mutants in NYC and Werewolves in Oregon

Author News Marjorie M Liu will soon be writing the Marvel Comic series about mutant teens in NYC. NYX, will re-launch in August with a 6-issue story arc that picks up years later from where the original left off.  (via Dear Author) “Simon Green’s NIGHTSIDE #10, the continuing adventures of John Taylor, the PI with a gift for finding things, ... Read More »

Friday Briefs – Nominees, Hideous Females, and Jail Time

AUTHORS The American Library Association has announced the list of nominees for the Teens’ Top 10, and the list includes several UF names: Betrayed by PC Cast & Kristin Cast, City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling, Ironside by Holly Black, Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead and Wicked ... Read More »

Virgin Comics

Did you know Virgin mogul Sir Richard Branson has branched into comic books? Comics that combine top film-makers (John Woo, Guy Ritchie) with top comic writers. Indian comics. Comics by new voices. Comics developed by Deepak Chopra. And now a SCI FI/Virgin comics venture: With five new comic book titles serving as a jumping off point, SCI FI/Virgin Comics will ... Read More »

“Kick-Ass heroines are taking over”

From The Guardian, “Comics never used to be much fun for their rare female characters, but with more women in the industry, kick-ass heroines are taking over, writes Kira Cochrane.” We knew this already, didn’t we? But the article mentions Minx, an imprint from DC aimed at teen girls, and cites many more instances of the growing presence of women ... Read More »

Captain America Resurrected

Marvel Comics is bringing back Captain America, a character they killed off last year. So how are they doing it? Captain America’s alter ego is still dead, but someone else is donning the crusader’s mask– Bucky Barnes, a character from the 1940s, who’s been held in “suspended animation”. The red, white & blue will fly again. Read More »

Super Geeks!

Microsoft and Seagate launched a daily web-based comic strip this week about information technology geeks who live superhero lives. The strip is called Heroes Happen Here, and the writers want to hear from you. Send them your IT-saviour story and it could be featured in a strip! Read More »

Patricia Briggs Goes Comic!

Patricia Briggs’s popular urban fantasy series about Mercy Thompson– mechanic, business owner, shapeshifter– who happens to be caught between two worlds– the werewolves and the vampires, is next to be turned into a comic from the Dabel Brothers. In November, Dabel Brothers announced they would be turning another popular UF series– Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files– into comic. Briggs just released ... Read More »

Comic goes to new publisher

The Perhapanauts, a comic created by Todd DeZago and Craig Rousseau, recently moved to a new publisher, Image. (link to Comic Book Resources article) What are The Perhapanauts? ”Simply put, The Perhapanauts are a team of agents for a secret (government?) organization called BEDLAM that investigates and repairs rips in the fabric of reality and, most importantly, returns whatever strange ... Read More »

‘The Dresden Files’ Go Comic!

Jim Butcher‘s ever popular Dresden series is to be made into comics by the Dabel Brothers and their new distributer Del Rey. (The Dabel Brothers also bring us the Anita Blake comics, and are working on projects for Dean Koontz and George R.R. Martin.) Jim Butcher will be writing an original story for the comics. Read More »