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Advertising Opportunities

UrbanFantasyLand.net is a worldwide community of urban fantasy readers that is growing to extend to thousands of readers each month– and not just urban fantasy lovers, but fans of speculative fiction with a dash of romance (or romance with a dash of speculative fiction) as well.

Advertising on the Home page - New! For $1/month your advertisement will be featured in rotation with up to 4 other advertisements for the calendar month. Want to go solo? We can do that too. For $10/month your ad will be featured in the sidebar– either stationary or in a .gif animation– for the calendar month.

Ads should be formatted to 250 x 250 pixels and .jpg or .gif or .png format, however, we welcome every opportunity to play with Photoshop and are willing to work with your artwork to build an ad at no extra cost.

If you are interested in advertising, please send a message to urbanfantasyland @gmail.com and we will send you an invoice to get started.

We accept Paypal.

Ads will be placed in side bar and in weekly digest. At the end of the advertising period, ads will be showcased on the past advertisers page.

Advertising does not constitute endorsement on the part of UrbanFantasyLand.net.

Advertising at UrbanFantasyLand.net does not guarantee sales or click-thrus.

We reserve the right to change advertising rates at any time, and ads already purchased will be honoured at the rate for which paid.

We reserve the right to reject ad if content deemed inappropriate.



I found the mechanics of advertising on [UrbanFantasyLand.net] extremely simple, and it was a good discipline to concentrate on getting a compelling message across in one graphic. The advertising was inexpensive, especially considering the exposure, and what better recommendation can I make than to say I will be sending a new advertisement in the next couple of weeks to alert readers to the launch of the second book in the Bite Back series, Hidden Trump. ~ Mark Henwick, author of SLEIGHT OF HAND


Established January 18, 2008stats

over 500,000 views to date
over 2000 views per month

Site Meter is short about 150,000 visitors resulting from when it was pulled from the website for a year.

More stats and historical stats here.

Thank you for your interest in UrbanFantasyLand.net!

Past Advertisers

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You’ll love The Shapeshifters’ Library series!

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