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Urban Fantasy at Geek and Sundry!

If you missed the first Storyboard show at Geek & Sundry, you can still catch it on YouTube. The show was hosted by fantasy author Pat Rothfuss and featured a discussion about urban fantasy with a few of the genre’s top authors: Jim Butcher, Emma Bull and Diana Rowland.

Here’s a quick recap of things they discussed:

- The definition of urban fantasy

- Where these authors get their ideas

- The depth of worldbuilding involved in creating an urban fantasy versus creating an epic/traditional fantasy

- Sex in urban fantasy – Is it a requirement of the genre? Do the authors feel pressure to put sex scenes in their books? Is sex part of character building?

- Is urban fantasy the modern equivalent of fairy tales or myths?

- Writing tips from the authors

- And reading recommendations. (You can skip to the list of recommendations in  the dooblydoo of the video.)

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