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Vote for Urban Fantasy! x2

1) Locus has posted their annual poll at Locus Online. You have to be a subscriber to vote, and if you are, head on over. The suggested lists are sadly lacking in urban fantasy, but there is room to add your own nominations. Congrats to the following UF authors who made the list:

Elizabeth Bear for Whiskey and Water
Guy Gavriel Kay for Ysabel
Caitlin Kiernan for Daughter of Hounds
Ekaterina Sedia for The Secret History of Moscow

Holly Black for Ironside
Justine Larbalestier for Magic’s Child

Cassandra Clare for City of Bones
Melissa Marr for Wicked Lovely

Datlow/Windling for Coyote Road

2) Over at SFX, you can vote for your favourite SF and fantasy authors of all time simply by leaving a comment to this post or in this forum thread. So far, after a quick glance at all the posts, the authors with the most votes are Terry Prachett, Neil Gaiman, Robert Jordan, J.R.R. Tolkein and George R.R. Martin. Head on over add your votes!

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